How did you fall in love with the singing art?  It was a winter night, I was in Capodimonte, a Little town on the Bolsena Lake, I was 12 or 13 years old, at my uncles’ home. One of their friend came, he was nice, he studied as baritone but he was a good pianist too. He told me the plot of “Rigoletto” and I was so fascinated. I started in this way a journey that goes on today. You most important teacher?  Angelo Romero, but all my colleagues taught me something, you never stop learning, also the most inexperienced member of the choir has something to teach The artist who inspired you? Tito Gobbi for the interpretation, but for the voice the one and only Ettore Bastianini Is there a particular role that represents you? Actually I don’t know, there are role that I love singing but I can’t say if they represent me, artists have many faces, one between : Rodrigo di Posa, Tonio, Jago and Gerard Two tips you would give to young singers  Never stop learning and listen to everyone, always with umility. Everyone has ears to understand if a sound is likable Which Opera would you suggest to see for the first time? A simple one….apparently…”Elisir d’amore” or “Barbiere” The duet of your dreams with which soprano?  Difficult question, everyone would say Callas, but I choose Mirella Freni The music you would bring with you in a desert island  No doubt, the Ettore Bastianini recital Three adjectives to describe your experience with Opera e Lirica Three? Just three? Not enough, but I’ll choose. Exciting, young, fun  Giuseppina Cuccaro