Why did Opera e Lirica choose Eataly to set its dinner before the opera in Rome?
Eataly surely is the most famous international brand of Italian food  in the world . It synonymous of quality, respect of tradition. But Eataly means not only "food". Eataly means "experience the Italian food" in all its sides: the markets, the coffee, the cooking school and much more. Opera e Lirica has the honour to have a personalized and exclusive menu that Eataly has created for its spectators.
So, every Tuesday and Friday if you are in Rome don't miss the unque occasion to live a complete Italian night: start with a dinner at Eataly and keep going with the Opera! Book now your tickets, we will reserve the table for you 

Let's read part of the Eataly Manifesto
0. WE'RE IN LOVE WITH FOOD. We love high-quality food and drink. We love the stories about it, the people who produce it, and the places it comes from.
1. FOOD UNITES US ALL. Good food brings all of us together and helps us find a common point of view. We believe that one of the greatest sources of joy is what happens around the dinner table. 
2. OUR PASSION HAS BECOME OUR JOB. We've dedicated our daily lives to promoting a real understanding of high-quality food and drink. How lucky are we that we get to do what we love?  
3. THE SECRET TO QUALITY OF LIFE? QUALITY PRODUCTS. By creating and offering the best products, we improve our own lives and bring added value to yours. Enter a world dedicated to quality: that means quality food, quality drink, and ultimately, quality time. 
4. OUR TARGET AUDIENCE IS EVERYONE. Whether you're here to buy a loaf of bread, prepare for a lavish dinner, or sit down to enjoy a meal, we want this to be your place. We want you to be comfortable, happy, and enriched by every visit.
Click to read the Eataly Manifesto

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