Christmas Concert 2022 in Rome by Opera e Lirica
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The loveliest Italian singing tradition meets Christmas magic. Opera e Lirica exclusively presents the Christmas Concert in Rome at the Caravita Oratory on 17th December 2022, with soprano Clementina Regina and tenor Emil Alekperov. The 2022 Christmas Concert is an absolute premiere in Rome, with a completely new programme and an unprecedented ensemble for the Opera e Lirica Christmas event in Rome. For the first time in Opera e Lirica Christmas Concerts in Rome, the event is featuring both a female and a male opera voice, accompanied by string quartet and piano, to create the perfect Holidays' atmosphere. Soprano and tenor will enchant the audience in Rome with the most beautiful Christmas Carols in a unique concert programme ranging from Adeste Fidelis to Jingle Bells, from traditional pastoral music to Let it Snow, offering both children and adults a fantastic 2022 Christmas experience in Rome.

The location – 2022 Christmas Concert in the Historical Centre of Rome

Our guests are invited to enter a magical historical venue, the Caravita Oratory, located near the majestic Venezia square, where every year a colossal Christmas tree is decorated. The Caravita hosted a concert by Mozart himself in his early age, and his music piece Eine Kleine Nachtmusik is going to be performed again on December 17th, opening the Rome Christmas Concert 2022 by Opera e Lirica.

Practical Info on the 2022 Christmas Concert in Rome

If you want to book your tickets early enough to find a seat, here is what you need to know:

  • Concert Hall – The Christmas Concert will take place in via del Caravita 7, Rome, on 17th December 2022.
  • Time – The Concert will start at 8:30 PM and finish at 10:00 PM.
  • Tickets – The ticket price varies depending on the seat selection, starting from €15 for students and €20 for the back rows, up to €50 for those who want to experience the emotion of being a few spans from the opera artists of the Italian capital city.

The opera voices, the strings, and the piano will cast a spell under the fresco vaults and let the Christmas magic in. We are looking forward to sharing it with you.