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The beautiful Chiesa Evangelica Metodista, now also used as a concert hall, was finished in 1895 and is located in the center of Rome a few steps from Via Nazionale and Porta Pia. Externally the building is in sixteenth-century style, in ashlar with high pilasters covering all floors, and several mullioned windows on the ground floor. The entrance portal, preceded by a gate, overlooks Via XX Settembre and is surmounted by a tympanum supported by columns. In this extraordinary location, the concert "The Four Seasons" by Vivaldi performed by Elvin Dhimitri will take place starting from February 17th. 

The interior of the church has a rectangular plan, with a horseshoe-shaped women's gallery and a ceiling with circular motifs inserted in panels; it is also punctuated by Corinthian style lateral pilasters which rest on a high base, and by round mullioned windows. The pipe organ is the work of Carlo Vegezzi-Bossi who built it in 1895; electrified in 1980, it has 13 registers on two manuals and pedal.

In 1924 Paolo Paschetto decorated the walls of the church by creating the wonderful internal windows; these take up themes and symbols dear to the Christian iconographic tradition, such as the Christogram, the dove, the lily, the lamb, the lamp, the palm, the peacock, the ship, etc. The pulpit was built in 1930..

Entrance: Via XX Settembre 122 c, Rome  

La Chiesa Evangelica Metodista is located in the city center of Rome, between Largo Santa Susanna and Quirinale. 

Metro: Linea A Repubblica / Barberini  

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    Location 2: Chiesa Evangelica Metodista - Via XX Settembre 122 c - Rome

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    Experience “The Four Seasons” by Vivaldi in Rome performed by the violinist Elvin Dhimitri, strings and harpsichord.