Three districts to see in Rome: Coppedè, Trastevere, Monti
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If you want to go beyond the main monuments in the historical city centre of Rome, and avoid the crowds of tourists, there are some gems embedded in the heart of Rome that are worth a visit. Let’s discover together three districts that must be seen in Rome: Coppedè, Trastevere, and Monti.

The Coppedè District is suspended between the luxurious Parioli area and the elegant Trieste district. Coppedè bewilders visitors with its combination of styles, from Liberty to Art Decò, from Gothic to Baroque. Entering the portal created by an arch connecting two imposing buildings in via Tagliamento, leads to a surreal world whose fulcrum is Mincio Square, embellished by the Frogs Fountain. In 1915, the architect Gino Coppedè was assigned the task of designing the whole Coppedè complex, composed of eighteen palaces and twenty-seven residential buildings. However, after the death of Gino Coppedè, the works were completed by Paolo Emilio André.

If the marvellous architecture of the Coppedè District can be fully appreciated with sunlight, the Trastevere and Monti Districts are fully adorned in the evening, when the old cobbled streets are animated by people walking, lights of roman trattorias and – especially in Monti – the notes of jazz concerts offered by various live-music pubs. Monti District revolves around the Madonna dei Monti Square and is well known for vintage boutiques. A real wonder that cannot be missed during the visit to the Monti area is the statue of Moses by Michelangelo, located in the church of San Pietro in Vincoli.

Trastevere District has a pronounced bohemian atmosphere. It used to be the home of the working class, centuries ago, while today it offers plenty of trattorias and places where you can drink a nice craft beer. The narrow streets of Trastevere converge on Santa Maria in Trastevere Square, where the church of the same name was erected in the early Christian period. The golden mosaic of the façade shines its benevolent light on the street artists playing at night in the square and enjoying the great scenery offered by the Basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere.

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